Here, we have rounded up some of the most useful and unbiased resources online that you can use for further reference about financial planning, savings and more.

UK Government (Financial Advice) > offers free, impartial and accurate advice on a range of matters including tax, employment, legal issues, acquiring documents, welfare and business operations. This ‘plan, retirement and income’ section focuses on some of the most common pension options for UK citizens, including private and state pensions, application processes and more.

UK Government (Financial planning Handbook) >

Another section of the website we’d like to point you to is this comprehensive financial planning handbook. Downloadable as various different PDF files, these give you some good insights into financial planning for colleges (6th form) and higher education institutes.

Chartered Insurance Institute >

The Chartered Insurance Institute is the official professional body representing the insurance sector. Based in London, their home website provides a wealth of information, including training, updates to policies, as well as resources for insurers, businesses and consumers.


Combining management, accounting and financial accounting for businesses and individuals, The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (also known as ‘CIMA’) is the largest body representing professional management accounts in the world.

For further detaiks please visit the home page.